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Welcome and thank-you for visiting.

For many years I taught and consulted on the design of large software systems – mainly big science. I worked at CERN for most of that time, but also worked at Rutherford Appleton a lot, and at DESY. I am now retired.

The top logo to the left there is just for nostagia. I dropped my main commercial web site a few years ago..

I also wrote. If you are looking for book resources then this is the site. They begin here.

The site can be searched and there is a site map.

(If you've come here looking for the famous bass player (of the rock group Queen) then I am afraid that the only help I can give you is a link to Queen's fan site. As it happens, I do play bass, but not very well. I'm much better at 6-string steel accoustic. I used to own a 1960s Vox AC30, which is Brian May's favourite amp..

If you're looking for the famous motorcyclist then I'm afraid it's not me either. There is more information on the "Dakar" John Deacon here however.)


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