I am sometimes asked for more information on a topic that a course hasn't covered. Sometimes I can't find a suitable reference and write briefing notes. Currently there are

I am sometimes asked questions and realize that the course notes have omitted something that might be important. I will probably be adding these to the appropriate course.

Some training courses have pre-requisites. If you are fairly sure that you have the required experience, but wish to do some reading prior to the start of the course, then these briefings may be of help. You might also find these useful if you feel that you might be less experienced than other people likely to be in the class.


I retired in 2012 after a tussle with throat cancer therapy. (People, usually journalists, talk about battling cancer; this is not really correct; the therapy battles the cancer and you battle the therapy. Anyway, we won.)

I've been wondering what to do with these pages when this domain is also retired. The briefing pages still get a significant number of visits, so I don't want to take them down in case folk still find them useful. Now, I do have another website.

For a bit of pocket money in my retirement, I returned to an interest common to many computing folk – locks and safes. There's the famous MIT guide to lock picking. And on the physics side, Feynman's exploits were also a bit of an inspiration. So I dusted off the lathe and the milling machine, turned the garden shed into a workshop and started making picks. And using them.


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