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I have retired. The old domain jdl.co.uk now belongs to someone else .

My book site did not disappear however, so if you found yourself here while looking for book support, it's here at www.johndeacon.net

JDL was a trading name of John Deacon. I provided IT and security services.

I specialized in training and consulting in object-oriented and distributed technologies for over 25 years with an aim of:

  • successfully mastering and adopting object technology;
  • mastering software engineering methods, notations and CASE tools such that they serve a project, rather than intrude upon or end up dominating a project;
  • choosing an implementation language and infrastructure -- my usual list of candidates being Java, Smalltalk, C++ and CORBA;
  • understanding and working with the strengths, weaknesses and dangers of the chosen technologies;
  • solidly establishing the considerations, techniques and forces that drive object design;
  • establishing the distribution strategy (including the possibility of no distribution at all);
  • achieving location, language and operating system transparency with Enterprise Java (J2EE), CORBA or CORBA/DCOM bridging, as appropriate;
  • establishing the strategy and tactics for achieving any required object persistence.

I worked with all manner of systems. Much of my work was with the high-energy physics, astronomy and Grid computing communities. Starting in 1993 I was involved with several high-energy physics organizations – principally CERN (Geneva/Meyrin), Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Didcot) and DESY (Hamburg). I also worked with NIKHEF and INFN.

I also worked with people from space, astronomy and GRID computing. As well as at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, I delivered such courses at The Royal Observatory (Edinburgh) and Isaac Newton Group (La Palma).

I was one of the founders of Matrice (formerly Lattice Limited), through which we delivered training for businesses.

Information about matters other than training and mentoring, including books (Object-Oriented Analysis and Design), book support and resources (such as a UML guide), is here at www.johndeacon.net


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