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There are some errata pages.

If you want to report an error of fact along with its correction, then I am most grateful to you and would welcome an email to with a subject of "OOAandD Erratum". Errors of fact without their correction are almost equally welcome. However, emails along the lines of "Section x.y is all wrong", especially when written in all upper-case or in green ink, are sorted by some nifty Bayesian email software into a separate folder for later attention.

Index and Glossary entries

One thing I judge a book by is its index. I prefer indexes to be copious rather than meager. If you looked for something you felt should have been in the Index but didn't find it there, or didn't find it where you expected to find it, I would welcome an email to with a subject of "OOAandD Index". If you can also give me the page (and printing and edition) that you think the entry should have indexed, as well as the entry itself, then I shall be even more grateful. Similarly, a term you felt should have been in the Glossary, sent to with a subject of "OOAandD Glossary" would also be warmly welcomed.