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Lecture Slide Outlines

I am preparing a basic outline of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design as powerpoint presentations that can be fleshed out and illustrated as appropriate.

The aim is to provide the beginning of a structure for a course that is using the book, rather than provide an entire canned set of slides. Accordingly examples, illustrations and discussions are left to the users. The illustrations from the book are available separately, however; see below. Also useful for a class might be the online book version of the UML appendix.

I grant to a lecturer the right to use the aforementioned material in connection with a class of students situated at a noncommercial and higher-education establishment such as a university or polytechnic. All other rights are reserved. Particularly, you may not publish the aforementioned material in any way, shape or form, including but not limited to publishing via the web or via hyperlinks.

While you are welcome to bookmark this page, please don't bookmark or link to the files themselves. One of the things that will provoke a password change for these pages, will be if the web search engines start being able to index the powerpoint and PDF files.

For some of the chapters, there are two levels of detail. The "bare outline" versions mostly have just slide titles. The full outlines are in the "completed" column of the table below.

While the order of the material in the chapters below is roughly the same as that of the book, the number of chapters isn't the same. Sometimes several book chapters have been amalgamated into a single presentation chapter.

The slides are pretty much text-only, so nothing should be lost if the design template is changed.

In case some of the images from the book would be useful, they are also here -- in PDF format that can be copy/pasted. Careful how you paste these bitmap images; while Powerpoint will use the correct aspect ratio in some contexts, it will distort it in other contexts. The originals are in Framemaker, and PDF is the only thing I can easily export. Also the second color isn't the proper color, I'm afraid; it's the rather sickly printer's plate color cyan.

I grant to a lecturer the right to project the aforementioned bitmap images onto a screen in front of a class of students or to print the aforementioned bitmap images as part of a handout for a class of students where the said class of students is situated at a noncommercial and higher-education establishment such as a university or polytechnic. All other rights are reserved.

The last chapter has significant amounts of code. The code "figures" from the book have been kept as part of the images files, but, eventually, the code samples section of this web site would be a better place to go to get code. There will probably be a little more context, along with a couple more languages in addition to the Java, C# and C++ used in the book.

There are notes accompanying some of the slides. These notes are intended for lecturers rather than their students. The notes would normally be removed, or replaced by notes for the students.

I would welcome any emails about mistakes you find, to with a subject of "OOAandD outline". These are taking longer than I anticipated, so I am tending to put drafts up straightaway.

[UPDATE: The file serving functionality of the original website server has long gone I'm afraid. (There were almost no downloads, anyway!) If you desparately need any of these, email me.

Powerpoint "Chapter" Bare Outline Only Completed Book Chapters Images


The Process
1 and 2
Presentation & Packaging
(no images in chapter 4)
Analysis Inputs
4, 6 and 7
Design Inputs
(No images in chapter 10)
Type Design
9 and 11
Technical Design


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