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Background "FAQ"

[I have tended to keep the style of the original answers; i.e. somewhat pedantic and crusty in places. JD]

Might a student have more than one email address?

Yes. Of course, a student could have many, many email addresses, such as a Google, a Hotmail and a campus address. We expect to record just one email address for each recorded address, however; i.e. one for the term-time address and one for the home address.

Might a student have more than one home address?

Of course, they might; but we expect to record just one home address and one term-time address.

Isn't "address" a rather inaccurate term for what you actually do with it?

That is true. However, it's deeply embedded in the culture of the Faculties' administration procedures.

What is a "presentation"?

A "presentation" is the actual delivery of a course, usually once in a given academic year.

Why are modules sometimes spoken of as having presentations?

Usually we are interested in just the course presentations. Occasionally we are interested in the presentations of the modules themselves. This could be when a modules is presented more than once, for example.

Surely you always need to know the make-up of a course?

We do indeed need to know the modules chosen for a particular course presentation. We are not always willing or able to record the module presentations, however.

Would you record a student as participating both in a course presentation and its modules' presentations?

Because one can neither imply the module presentations from the course presentation nor a course presentation from module presentations (nor indeed can one imply the course from the modules, inasmuch as Economic History 1777–1804 , for example, is a module taken by students on History courses and Economics courses) one still needs to record a student's course presentation even if one has recorded that student's module presentations.

What is a "faculty"?

Well, the origin of the term is a power or capacity possessed by the human mind. Here at Midshires University, we take it to mean a major organizational unit of the University comprising a group of academic (and some administrative) staff and headed by a Dean. A faculty—the Science Faculty for example—will comprise a group of departments—Physics or Astronomy for example. The faculty is the award-granting body.

What is a "department"?

A department is the basic and quotidian organizational unit, primarily responsible for instruction and research at the University.

Would it be fair to say, in the context, for example, of record keeping, that a faculty is a fairly notional entity and that effectively it is the sum of its departments?


Would I be right in saying that the faculty to which a department belongs doesn't have much effect on the department, whereas a faculty's departments make a big difference to its nature?

Yes on both counts.

[And leading the witness, I'd say, Your Honor. Objection sustained. Kindly re-phrase the question so as not to suggest the answer! JD]

What exactly is a "course"?

It's short for "a course of study", typically leading to an award.