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Tutor and Lecturer Resources

Lecture slides outline

If you are considering organizing a lecture series to match the structure of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design you might find slide outlines useful.

I am, therefore, preparing a basic outline of of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design as a powerpoint presentation that can be fleshed out and illustrated as appropriate.

I grant to a lecturer the right to use the aforementioned material in connection with a class of students situated at a noncommercial and higher-education establishment such as a university or polytechnic. All other rights are reserved. Particularly, you may not publish the aforementioned material in any way, shape or form, including but not limited to publishing via the web or via hyperlinks.

Only the most basic slide design (background, typeface, ...) has been used, so it should be easy to switch to your preferred slide design. There are notes accompanying some of the slides that are from me to the tutor/lecturer, and that can be replaced by notes from you to your students or simply not projected/printed.

Example exercise answers

The open example answers are those that are available to everyone. The restricted example answers, however, are those that are only available to lecturers and practitioners armed with the higher-ed or practitioner password.

Case study material

In the case study section, there is a complete worked case study done along the same lines as the case study in the book.

Also, for the main worked case study of the book -- the restaurant -- I have made some extra resources available, as well as reprinting the main outputs of the the book's case study, apart from the diagrams which are on separate pages ...

Editable diagrams

The diagrams section has editable versions of the major case study diagrams and exercise diagrams.